“What the kids learn is going to stick with them for life.”

“My fiance and I enrolled Tyanna in Head Start two years ago. We went to the New St. Paul Tabernacle Metropolitan location because it is close to home.

We liked it right away — the teachers are friendly, and they have a good relationship with the children. They have good communication with the parents too. They’re so friendly that you want to come in and spend some time in the classroom. So I started volunteering.

I help around the class, do different things. They might need somebody to help with breakfast or an activity. I have learned ways to approach different problems or personalities in the classroom. It is flexible and I can volunteer whenever I have time. The teachers gave me the Father of the Year award for helping out so much.

My daughter Tyanna learned a lot. She really bonded with her teachers. She learned everyday things like colors and shapes and how to be courteous. They taught her safety issues, too, like what to do if a stranger approaches you or if you see a gun.

What the kids learn in Head Start is going to stick with them for life. They learn how to interact with other children and how to communicate. Tyanna is ready to start kindergarten, and she has an advantage.”



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