“I feel more confident because I help make decisions. I know that my child is in a safe environment.”

I chose New St. Paul Head Start Agency because I know that early learning is important and that teaching those skills for school is not my thing. It is for some parents, but it’s just not me. My two youngest started Early Start when they were two. Now, Amber is 4 and in Head Start and Gavin started kindergarten this year.


Early Head Start and Head Start gets them ready for kindergarten. The teachers help them move from scribbling to straight lines to writing, and cutting paper. It’s all important. It helps with their fine and gross motor skills. But I would’ve never thought that until I read into it.


I love how involved the parents are. That was shocking to me. I thought we would just drop off our kids and then pick them up at the end of the day. But Head Start gives parents so many ways to be involved and have input.


I’m the parent chairman of the school and I am on the policy council. I run the parent meetings every month. I go around and talk to the parents to see what stuff they would like to do. I help plan events at the school that the parents want to do to get them more involved. For policy council I take information back to use at my child’s center.


By being involved, I know more about what’s going on at the center, with the agency, and with Head Start as a federal program. I feel more confident because I help make decisions. I know that my child is in a safe environment.


I wish more parents recognized how important Early Head Start is, which is for kids from birth to age 3. Getting your child kindergarten-ready can start when they’re that young and you don’t have to worry if they’ll be behind.


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