Focus Hope’s Head Start Sterling

“They always come in full of life. They bring me energy.”

“I’ve been working in early childhood for about 10 years now. I coached youth football. A colleague asked me if I would be interested in working with young children. Once I started, I kind of fell in love with it.

This is my second year as an assistant teacher in one of Focus Hope’s Head Start classrooms.

Young kids are still at that age where they actually listen to you. They always come in, even if it’s 8 in the morning, full of life. It’s just fun to watch. They bring me energy.

I work with a female teacher, so there’s a balance in the classroom. It’s good to have a positive male role model to show them different things.

I wish parents knew the curriculum we offer in Head Start. They’re learning practical information, like colors, letters, numbers and how to write their names. They’re also learning self-skills.

I like watching the kids play amongst themselves. We have so many different real life things for them to play with in the room. It’s great to see the boys trying to learn how to put on a tie. It may seem like just playing together, but they’re developing skills to interact with other people. They have to learn problem-solving skills. They’ll argue and it’s great to see how they handle their own issues.

It’s been proven that the kids who have been in Head Start have success at the next level. We get them ready for kindergarten.”


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