fatherhood programs: Caurice Phillips

“Long term, it’s about development. Children need to learn.”

“Every day I pick up Joshua from Head Start, he says, “I was good today.” He’s really excited to come to school.

I tell him: “You’ve got to listen to the teachers, so you can learn. When she says ‘stop playing’ it’s time to stop playing and learn.”

I would recommend Head Start to other parents. They’re helping the children learn at a steady pace, so they’re not behind. Learning numbers, their name, counting, ABCs just so they can transition to elementary school, and that’s what it’s really about. Also, they learn good habits, such as cleaning up after themselves.

Long term, it’s about development. Children need to learn. When I interact with Josh, I don’t feel he’s behind. I feel he’s learning and getting everything the way he should, developing the way he should. They also have nutrition, and he likes to eat, so he’s developing physically. It’s all on their watch, so they’re doing a pretty good job.

The best part of fatherhood is watching them grow up. Just watching the kids grow and learn, at home and at school.

His mom goes to everything Head Start has for the children. She volunteers, sits with the kids and helps the teacher out for a couple hours. She has done every single thing.

They have a lot of fatherhood programs too. I have missed out on some of them because I work. But they offer a lot of programs to help the men.”

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