"Head Start has played a significant role in my life, with my children and professionally."

“I didn’t know a lot about Head Start when I enrolled my children more than 10 years ago. I volunteered in their classrooms though, and it made me realize I wanted to go back to school.

So, I started working for Head Start and it helped pay for my education. Now, I have my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in early childhood. I’ve worked as an assistant teacher, a lead teacher, a center supervisor, an assistant education manager, and now I’m the assistant program director at New St. Paul Tabernacle Head Start.

Head Start has played a significant role in my life, with my children and professionally.

We have to meet parents where they are. Some parents think of Head Start as daycare until we take them through the classroom. It may look like play, but everything is intentional to help a child’s learning from the moment she enters the classroom. Even a song is reminding children of a skill, color or shape. Realizing that helps parents see it as an opportunity for their child to get a head start.

And there are benefits for parents too. Parents sit on the policy council, attend leadership trainings, and can travel to the national Head Start conference. There are several caregivers, like me, who decided to work for Head Start. Three of the parents from my teaching days work at New St. Paul now.

It’s an awesome experience to impact the lives of so many children and families.”


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