Terri’s Story

I chose New St. Paul Head Start Agency because I know that early learning is important and that teaching those skills for school is not my thing. It is for some parents, but it’s just not me. My two youngest started Early Start when they were two. Now, Amber is 4 and in Head Start […]

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Shanté’s Story

My older son and daughter went to Head Start several years ago, so I knew the program. My little girls started Early Head Start at New St. Paul Head Start Agency when they were around 4 months old. Nevaeh is 3 now and Harmoni is 1.   I like the Early Head Start because you […]

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Bianca’s Story

I was in an accident while I was pregnant with my daughter, Madison. When she was 6 months old, I needed a place for her to go while I was doing physical therapy. My babysitter started backing out. I needed somewhere reliable.   My older son, who is 15 now, went to Early Head Start. […]

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Tameka’s Story

I have a long, wonderful history with Head Start. I was in Head Start when I was a little girl. I volunteered in a Head Start classroom during college. My two children attended Head Start. Throughout the years, I have worked in Head Start, including now at Starfish Family Services’ Thrive by Five. As a […]

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Lance’s Story

I was in the Head Start program in Highland Park, Michigan when I was 3 and 4 years old. My first memories of that time are of all the toys. I grew up in a neighborhood where you didn’t always feel safe and secure. Things were pretty bland. Then, I would go to this classroom […]

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Andrea’s Story

Head Start at Wayne Metro Parent Andrea Garrett

My son was “invited” to leave four different early learning centers before we found Head Start at Wayne Metro. He had behavioral issues around transitioning. When it was time to be done with something and he wasn’t ready to be done, — like playing outside or playing with toys, transitioning into washing his hands and […]

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Shala’s Story

Teachers of Head Start: Shala

I was a Head Start child. Honestly, I struggle to remember things about third or fourth grade, but I can picture my mom dropping me off at Head Start. I enjoyed the teachers there, and we got snack and took a nap. Also, I am an only child, so it was the time I got […]

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Rivers’s Story

Preschool program parent Rivers Calhoun

“I was actively looking online for a preschool program for my 4-year-old daughter. I was in dire need of her being able to get out of the house and to start interacting with other kids, so she wouldn’t feel so emotionally isolated. She’s a tall girl, so people think she’s older than she is. Emotionally […]

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Ashia’s Story

Special Needs Parent

“When my son was 2 years old, he had a reverse of words. He was talking, but then it started to decrease. We started looking into what was going on. He was tested for Autism, which he doesn’t have, but we couldn’t figure out what was going on. I was so scared of what I […]

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Patricia’s Story

Focus: HOPE parent

“My 5-year-old grandson transitioned to Head Start at Focus: HOPE from Early On. He was removed from his mom and placed with me, so he had some anger issues and special learning needs. I was concerned about bringing him into a classroom setting. I wasn’t sure he’d get the attention he needed. When we got […]

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