Tameka Dwyer

Always Learning, Always Teaching

See Tameka Dwyer's story.

Lance Reed

Discovery through the Eyes of Young Learners

See Lance Reed 's story.

Waymond Hayes

Inspired to Pursue a Lifelong Career in Head Start

See Waymond Hayes's story.

Marshanta Brown

Teaching is a Passion

See Marshanta Brown's story.

Kim Riggien

Planting the Seed for Lifelong Learning

See Kim Riggien's story.

Monta Hall

Taking the Opportunity: A Career Path

See Monta Hall's story.

Marianna Alston

A Positive Influence for Young Children and Their Families

See Marianna Alston's story.

Kenlee Morris

Exploring Career Choices in Early Childhood Education

See Kenlee Morris's story.

Rhonda Burton

Personal Connections and Career Advancement

See Rhonda Burton's story.

Gary Jones

Leading by Example

See Gary Jones's story.

Sheila Key

Work That I Love

See Sheila Key's story.

Patricia Tarrant

First a Parent, then a Teacher

See Patricia Tarrant's story.

Badria David

A Life-Changing Calling

See Badria David's story.

Fikiri Guy

Giving Children and Families the Best Start

See Fikiri Guy's story.

Dayna Minor

Not Just a Job—A Family

See Dayna Minor's story.

Loretta Lawler

A Supportive Environment

See Loretta Lawler's story.

Marcus Owens

Inspiring the Men of Tomorrow

See Marcus Owens's story.

Komiko Ford

Helping Children Grow

See Komiko Ford's story.

April Green

From Volunteering to a Career

See April Green's story.

Matrix Head Start's Dr. Nolana

Dr. Nolana Nobles Bandy

A passion for learning

See Dr. Nolana Nobles Bandy's story.

Cheryl McFall

Valued experiences as a parent and educator

See Cheryl McFall's story.


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