Job Title:

Head Start Teacher 1


New St. Paul Head Start

Center Name:


Employment Type:

Full Time

Job Description/ Duties:

Required Tasks

  1. Supervises all classroom activities, field trips and outdoor activities.
  2. Plans and provides a developmentally and linguistically appropriate curriculum and experiences in a manner appropriate to the ages, languages and cultures of children served.
  3. Directs any special needs problems to the appropriate manager/specialist/coordinator or supervisor.
  4. Plans and implements learning experiences that advance the intellectual and physical development of children including improving the readiness of children for school by developing their literacy and phonemic, print and numeracy awareness, their understanding of the use of language, their understanding  and use of increasingly complex and varied vocabulary, their appreciation of books, their understanding of early math and early science,  their problem solving abilities and their approaches to learning.
  5. Implements education lesson plans and daily programs for children in accordance with each child’s need, based on a method of observing and recording children’s interests and current levels of functioning.
  6. Helps keep the classroom and its contents clean and orderly.
  7. Supports social and emotional development and provides positive guidance and discipline.
  8. Maintains a commitment to professionalism and continues own professional development so that decisions are based on knowledge of early childhood theories and practices.
  9. Shares pertinent information with family services/case management staff to ensure coordinated services that meet the needs of individual children and families.
  10. Supervises and eats nutritionally prepared meals with the children as a curriculum activity, to model good nutrition and proper social skills.
  11. Provides a stable classroom routine and environment.
  12. Ensures a well-run, purposeful program responsive to participant needs.
  13. Screens, observes and documents children as required.


Qualifications:  Current minimum qualification is an associate degree, baccalaureate or advanced degree in Early Childhood Education or Child Development. Some Experience working with preschool age children.

Skills Required: Ability to relate sensitively with children and to work well with staff, parents and families.  Ability to follow directions and take initiative.  Ability to keep all information regarding families strictly confidential.  Ability to communicate effectively with children, families and staff.  Ability to work with typically developing children and children with disabilities.

Physical Requirements:  Acceptable tuberculosis screening results, a clear criminal records check (including sex offender registry check and State or FBI fingerprint checks), child abuse registry check and an initial health exam are required post job offer and prior to employment, as well as annual clearances.


Health, Vision, Dental, Retirement

Employer Info:

How to Apply:

Interested candidates should fax their resumes to the attention of Human Resources at 313.835.0401 or email at