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Head Start Education Manager


New St. Paul Head Start

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Employment Type:

full time

Job Description/ Duties:

Required Tasks

  • Coordinates the Education and Early Childhood Development content area as well as Staffing Requirement and Program Options of the Head Start program.
    1. Reviews and revises education work plan annually. Develops a system for administering and monitoring the education work plan.
    2. Establishes local program practices for the education portion of the program with parents and staff that support the effective implementation of the education content area.
    3. Works to assure smooth transition of all children into and out of Head Start/Early Head Start, particularly children with developmental delays/disabilities. HS develops a program transition protocol for children moving from year one to year two in the program, to other preschool placements in the community and/or to kindergarten.
  • Works closely with management to assure adequate classroom supplies and equipment are available to staff and that buses (where applicable) and schedules are appropriate for young children.
  • Observes individual children as requested by teachers and provides suggestions for behavior management and educational programming.
  • Works closely with other staff, parents and managers/coordinators/specialists and/or consultants to support arrangements for identification, referrals, parent permission, confidentiality of records, evaluation and individual program planning for children with special needs.
  • Attends home visits, parent conferences and IEP/IFSP meetings when requested or as necessary.
  • Responsible for tracking that all staff have a professional development plan and works with the staff person responsible for development of an agency-wide T/TA Plan to plan for staff training needs.
  • Stays abreast of NAEYC, Head Start/Early Head start and other applicable regulations and regularly updates program procedures and informs centers of application in the workplace to ensure program compliance.
  • Assists classroom staff in a system for maintaining an inventory of classroom materials and supplies that is checked at least annually.
  • Assists teaching staff in understanding and interpreting child observation data and establishing appropriate individual child goals based on knowledge of child development.
  • Assists teaching staff in developing a system which offers parents opportunities for enhancing their skills as first educator of their children through the use of home learning activities, family nights, planning educational activities and providing opportunities to volunteer, attending training, etc.
  • Assists other managers/specialists/coordinators and teaching staff with transition of Head Start children to kindergarten as well as children transitioning into Head Start and into or out of Early Head Start.
  • Serves as a resource person for parent training and coordinates the activities for a regular newsletter for the Head Start/Early Head Start program.
  • Provides and puts into place strategies to support young English language learners and their families.
  • Works with other managers/coordinators/specialists to oversee and monitor all the classroom and playground supplies, buses (where applicable) and other equipment for condition and necessary repair to assure a safe and healthy learning environment.
  • Provides assistance with information for the collection of data for the submission of the PIR (e.g. Child Plus).
  • As necessary provides CDA training and/or serves as CDA advisor for assessments or renewals.


Qualifications:  Current minimum qualification is a baccalaureate or advanced degree in Early Childhood Education, Child Development or related field. Experience teaching preschool-age children, supervising staff; and the capacity to assist other teachers in implementing and adapting curricula to the group and individual needs of children in a Head Start classroom.

Skills Required: Ability to know and implement the Head Start Performance Standards and policies of the agency.  Ability to exercise professional judgment in evaluating before making decisions.  Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with agency staff, children and parents, and outside agencies.  Ability to keep all information strictly confidential. 

Physical Requirements:  Acceptable tuberculosis screening results, a clear criminal records check (including child abuse registry check if required by state regulations) and an initial health exam are required post job offer and prior to employment, as well as annual clearances.


Health, Vision, Dental, Retirement

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How to Apply:

Interested candidates should fax their resumes to the attention of Human Resources at 313-835-0401 or email at