Job Description/ Duties:

Fatherhood Outreach Worker/Family Service Worker coordinates activities, events and meetings that engage fathers/men to participate in the overall Early Head Start/Thrive by Five Head Start Program and involve fathers in their children’s education.   Works as a member of a team with program staff and community resources to provide a continuum of services to children and families in an effort to strengthen and preserve families, assist in identifying individual needs, providing and assisting in coordinating services to meet each family’s needs. Must have knowledge and skills to input data into computer programs.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

The job duties listed are typical examples of the work performed by the position in this job classification. Not all duties are included:  It is expected that an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

  1. Provides outreach services and support to male significant others/fathers enrolled in the Early Head Start/Thrive by Five Head Start Program.
  2. Participates in the recruitment of male significant others, associated with Early Head Start/Thrive by Five Head Start Program children, to become actively involved in the program and the child’s educational process.
  3. Provides referral of males to various resources and services based on individualized assessments.
  4. Provides follow-up assists to male significant others referred for services or resources.
  5. Acts as a liaison and advocate for male significant others interfacing with agencies.
  6. Assists in the coordination of services.
  7. Assists in the development of community partnerships that focus on male involvement.
  8. Assists with parental/community involvement activities, including, but not limited to:
    • Plan monthly fatherhood/community meetings
    • Recruit males for parent involvement activities;
    • Assist in the promotion of the program;
    • Assist in the facilitation of Core Group Meetings;
    • Conduct and follow-up on all projects
    • Assist in the development of resource materials;
  9. Participates in community activities which heighten the awareness of program
  10. Provides documentation of all fatherhood and parent involvement activities including males.
  11. Attends meetings and training as required by the department and agency.
  12. Maintains confidentiality of all information related to the program.
  13. Cooperates in any investigation related to personnel, licensing, and accreditation as required.
  14. Performs all other reasonably related duties as assigned by supervisor or other management.
  15. Prepares reports as required by various federal, state, and local programs.
  16. Inputs designated data into computer programs.
  17. Through the Family Service Assessment and Family Partnership Agreement, engages parents in identifying their needs, developing goals and providing referrals and follow-up.
  18. Advocates for children and families by assisting in the identification and coordination of support services.
  19. Provides support and crisis intervention with families and children involved with the program.
  20. Plans and implements activities that teach parents/guardians child development/child management, nutrition education, health education, dental education, mental health education, use of community resources and other adult education activities.
  21. Conducts and tracks children’s screening status and follows up accordingly. Assist in the preparation of the weekly score card.
  22. Intervenes and contacts parents when there are problems with attendance.
  23. Conducts home visits to provide support and/or meet the families identified needs.
  24. Works in a collaborative effort with agency/community resources to provide wrap around and follow up services to families in order to strengthen and enable them to function independently, to improve their capacity to function as a healthy families, or if needed, to find appropriate alternatives for the care of the children.
  25. Keeps abreast of local, state and national requirements and changes that affect component.
  26. Works cooperatively as a member of a team with program staff and community resources.
  27. Responsible for keeping client files in order and up to date.
  28. Responsible for working with team members, supervisor, children, families and community contacts in a manner that is conducive to the philosophy and mission of the program and agency.
  29. Seeks and receives continued professional training.
  30. Identifies, follows up and monitors weekly health, nutrition, mental health, social service, special education and dental needs for each child; participates in developing plans, providing activities, conducting in home visits and ensuring all requirements are met, and documents all contacts with parent/ guardian.
  31. Works flexible hours to accommodate the needs of the program and clients.
  32. Facilitates and implements parent involvement in program (i.e. family packs, parent meetings, etc.)
  33. Assists with the implementation and monitoring of all required screenings. Documents all follow-up with families.
  34. Attends and participates in departmental and agency staff meetings, training, and planning sessions.
  35. Notifies Health Specialist, nutrition and education staff of new and withdrawn children with any food restrictions.
  36. Submits completed food substitution forms to Health Specialist.
  37. Updates community resource directory annually, keeping abreast of new resources for families.
  38. Assist with plans and implements of a strong, ongoing recruitment program for the enrollment of eligible children, including children suspected or diagnosed as having a handicapping condition. Develops and implements selection process.
  39. Assists with the plans and implementation of a system to identify the social service needs of participating families.
  40. Establishes and maintains records to facilitate follow-up services to families.
  41. Establishes and maintains confidential family data records, which include completed forms, referrals, follow-up, agency contacts and family contact reports.
  42. Monitors attendance of children enrolled in an Early Head Start/Thrive By Five Head Start program and submit weekly scorecard information only.
  43. Establishes and maintains a positive two-way communication system with families, staff, Policy Committee and Parent committee and community.
  44. Recruits, coordinate and implement a volunteer plan.
  45. Monitors and review children’s monthly attendance records and address deficiencies resulting in less than 85% attendance.
  46. Tracks collaborations with outside agencies, businesses, departments and groups.


Other Qualifications

Must be able to: 1) work with all members of the community regardless of race, gender, age and cultural or ethnic background;  2) work cooperatively with supervisors, colleagues and all agency staff; 3) accept supervision and demonstrate an interest and willingness to continue his/her personal and professional growth and skill development;  4) demonstrate a commitment to the welfare of the children and families the program serves and to the delivery of quality services;  5) work as a positive and productive member of a team;  6) represent the agency in a professional manner; 7) have a strong commitment to diversity and civil and human rights; 8) be highly motivated and independent; 9) work flexible hours, particularly in the evenings and on weekends; 10) have reliable transportation; 11) have computer and other office skills sufficient for preparing and distributing written reports, inputting information into databases, familiarity with Microsoft Excel, Word, and Powerpoint, experience with Efforts to Outcomes software preferred; 12) be detail oriented and able to track data. Must have a valid Michigan driver’s license.

 Supervisory Responsibilities   

This job has no supervisory responsibilities.

Education and/or Experience 

  1. Associate’s Degree or higher from a four year college or university with specialization in social work, psychology, sociology counseling or related field with relevant experience required.
  2. At least two years’ experience in a Human Services setting working with low income children and families required.
  3. Computer knowledge and abilities.


Salary Range and Benefits:

See attached salary matrix. Benefits such as health, vision and dental insurance may be provided from time to time, and are described in the early learning colleague handbook. Salary matrix and benefits are subject to revision.

How to Apply:

Please email and put in subject line: Fatherhood Outreach/ FSW position