Job Title:

Early Head Start - Child Care Partnership (EHS-CCP) Center Manager


TOFM Head Start Partner Angel Land

Center Name:

Angel Land

Employment Type:

Full Time

Job Description/ Duties:


The Early Head Start Center Manager is responsible for the general and day-to-day operations of an Early Head Start Child Care Partnership (EHS-CCP) center assuring regulatory and legal compliance with federal, state and local regulations, communicating with parents and the community and mentoring and coaching of the staff to ensure that on-going contact with families is maintained and that work with all other components (health, nutrition, family services, mental health services, disability services, parent engagement) is completed to integrate services into the family setting. Ensures that the classroom will exemplify the Early Head Start goals for providing infants and toddlers with classroom experiences that will help them grow mentally, socially, emotionally, and physically.  Receives content are a supervision, training and technical assistance from the Grantee content are Specialists and Managers.


  1. Perform the functions of this position with a strong understanding of Federal Head Start Performance Standards, National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Code of Ethical Conduct, State of Michigan licensing requirements, Grantee EHS-CCP Contract and policies and procedures, and the Partner’s policies and procedures.


  1. Maintains strict confidentiality with respect to Head Start children, families and staff in accordance with established policies and procedures.


  1. Ensures that all teaching staff maintains the Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential or secures a CDA within specified time frame as given by the Grantee and the EHS-CCP Partner using a Professional Development Plan according to the Credentialing Agreement with the EHS-CCP.


  1. Maintains all certifications and credentials including, but not limited to Infant/Toddler First Aid, Infant/Toddler CPR, Mandated Reporter and Medication Dispensing


  1. Creates an atmosphere that is welcoming to parents and families by greeting them daily, inviting them to participate in activities and providing information on how they can be involved with their child’s growth process.


  1. Ability to communicate in writing and verbally an appropriate and professional manner with staff, parents and children.


  1. Actively participates in the development and implementation of Professional Development Goals with EHS-CCP supervisor and assistance from Grantee Education and Human Resources Specialists.


  1. Provide and maintain a safe and healthy developmentally appropriate environment.


  1. Ensures that the daily health and environment check list is completed.


  1. Responsible for monthly safety checks, fire drills and safety meetings, as well as update related logs.


  1. Responsible for monitoring and compliance with applicable local, state and federal rules, regulations and standards, as well as health, safety and licensing regulations.


  1. Investigates any child or staff incidents, assuring all forms are completed and notifying the EHS-CCP Grantee and Partner Owner.


  1. Ensures that classroom staff/child ratios are met according to EHS Performance Standards and State licensing requirements.


  1. Implements and supports use of curricula (e.g., High Scope, CLASS Certification in Infant/Toddler Education) selected by the EHS-CCP Grantee to set the educational foundation for the children being served.


  1. Maintains filing, tracking and documentation systems.


  1. Monitors staff attendance, collects and approves work time submitted and leave requests, verifying accuracy.


  1. Maintain employee on-site file requirements and keeps them secure in locked files.


  1. Assists in the monitoring of all children’s files for content, organization and security.


  1. With assistance from Grantee Specialists and Managers, plans and implements on-going in-service training for classroom staff.


  1. Develops and supports the professional development plans for the staff.


  1. Manages the staff through coaching.


  1. Ensures staff compliance with the Grantee Specialists and Managers work plans.


  1. Responsible for participating in training opportunities.


  1. Conducts staff meetings and arranges for parent training opportunities. Maintains the minutes, sign in sheets, in-kind forms, training logs, etc.


  1. Obtains and maintains knowledge regarding in-kind and other allowable costs applied toward the non-federal share requirement. Completes the required documents related to in-kind and allowable costs.


  1. Responsible for assuring compliance with Quality Assurance and program evaluation requirements.


  1. Develops and facilitates a positive community presence, focusing on networking opportunities, enhancement of volunteer participation and educational awareness efforts in regard to program needs.


  1. Ensures sufficient and appropriate outdoor time daily for children.


Minimum requirement is a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Development or Child Development with an emphasis on Infant/Toddler Education, or a Bachelor’s Degree in a related field (e.g., Management, Social Services, etc.)  with a Child Development Associate Credential (CDA) and at least 480 of classroom experience.  Preferred:  Previous management experience.

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Please note that TOFMHS will not be your employer if selected for employment.  You will be hired by Angel Land.

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