Job Title:

Head Start Assistant Teacher


New St. Paul Tabernacle Head Start Agency

Job Description/ Duties:

Under the supervision of the Education Manager working in a preschool setting with children from 3 to 5 years old.


Required Tasks:

  1. Work with parents and children in the classroom setting and during home visits to insure parental input in daily program planning.
  2. Plan, write and implement individual and group lesson plans.
  3. Create and maintain a safe, healthy and developmentally-focused learning environment.
  4. Administer a developmental screening device, observe and assess the development of each child, write and implement the Individual Education Plan.
  5. Submit reports to delegate coordinators.
  6. Attend staff and parent meetings.
  7. Perform two (2) home visits and two (2) parent teacher conferences meeting a year.
  8. Overall management of the designated classroom.
  9. Plans specific activities that reinforce the program philosophy. Assist in developing the overall program.
  10. Performs other duties as assigned by the Director or designee.
  11. Attend on-going program training activities.


Associate degree in Early Childhood Education or Child Development -OR- CDA

Employer Info:

How to Apply:

Please email Human Resources at