How do I find a job? What’s the hiring process?

More than eight agencies provide Early Head Start and Head Start services locally. Each program’s hiring process varies, but generally, agencies follow these steps:
  1. The job announcement is shared. You can find career opportunities in a variety of ways, including on this website, on Head Start agency websites, and online job boards.
  2. Resumes are screened.
    • Candidates must have requisite education + experience
    • Teachers must have bachelor’s degree in early childhood + 2 years’ experience
    • Assistant teachers must have associate degree + 1 year experience
  3. Interviews are scheduled
    • A team of staff (and sometimes parents) participate in interviews
    • Team uses a rating system with each interviewed candidate
    • The candidate who scores highest is chosen to fill the position
  4. The candidate is approved
    • The agency's governing council (called Policy Council), including parents, must approve (or be made aware of) the chosen candidate before an offer is made
  5. An offer is extended (pending step 6)
  6. The candidate must complete the following pre-employment requirements:
    • Background checks
    • Internet Criminal History Access Tool (ICHAT)
    • Transcripts
    • Letter of recommendation
  7. The candidate is officially hired
  8. The new hire completes an agency orientation and receives a training orientation from the education or center manager.

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