“It’s rewarding to see teachers rise to the occasion and master their skills.”

My professional journey with Head Start began with volunteering in a Head Start program while I was in college. I was working on my undergrad in family community services with an emphasis in young child at Michigan State University. My passion for working with young children led me to volunteering there. It worked out that I did my student teaching at the same Head Start.

My Head Start story starts before that though. I was in Head Start as a little girl. My mom wanted me to have a school experience so she could finish school herself. Learning and going to school has always been a thing for me. As I kept going on my educational journey, I knew wanted to work with children. That’s what drew me back to Head Start and I’ve worked in the program in one way or another for years.

Recently, I became a regional manager at Starfish Family Services’ Thrive by Five. Before that, I worked as a curriculum coach for five years. My focus was on helping teachers master fidelity to the HighScope curriculum—to hone their skills so that teacher-child interactions and activities result in positive child outcomes. It’s really rewarding to see teachers start at the beginning of the program, to watch them grow, and become certified. Much like when I worked with young learners directly, it’s rewarding to see teachers rise to the occasion and master their skills.

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