“When I was asked to go into the classroom to see how I would like it, I fell in love.”

“I started working with Head Start by accident. My son attended back in 1985 and I was an officer on the parent committee. After my tenure, I was offered a position. The good thing about Head Start is that if a position becomes available and there’s a parent that qualifies, the position is offered to them first. I always wanted to sit behind a desk, but I have to be honest, when I was asked to go into the classroom to see how I would like it, I fell in love. It gave me an opportunity to see many different personalities, different types of creativity, and it just excited me. I’ve been doing it ever since.

I was offered the opportunity to attend Wayne Community College to get my associate degree. Then I was given the opportunity to obtain my CDA, which I did in 1991 at the University of Michigan. Then I was given the opportunity to earn my bachelor’s degree at Madonna University. Now I’m in the process of obtaining Infant and Toddler Development Certificate. I would really like to obtain my master’s degree, but I’m holding two positions so I don’t have much time. If that opportunity arises, I will definitely take it.

I would recommend a career with Head Start because not only does it give you the opportunity to help the child and the family grow, but also to enhance your skills, so that you can become more marketable and knowledgeable in early childhood education.

What I like about working for United Children and Family Head Start is the children. Knowing I have the opportunity to mold them at such a young age, it’s very rewarding. Later in life, you see them and they’ve become so productive—and they still remember you! It’s so gratifying.”


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